Asan Tajhiz Iranian is official representative of HyServe-Kikkoman in Iran

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Asan Tajhiz Iranian as one of the leading companies in providing the latest medical equipment achievements, along with international companies in the field of health and infection control (HyServe-Kikkoman), cardiology company (BostonScientific), an orthopedic (BMK) And an oncology (Care Fusion). Utilizing of advanced and state-of-art technologies, famous directors and experts in the medical industry, direct communication with leading international companies, and scientific support make Asan Tajhiz Iranian as a unique company. Asan Tajhiz is committed to providing products and services to its customers with innovative technology, easy to use, as well as scientific advice and support.

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Provide innovative and easy equipment and solutions

Official representative of leading companies in medical equipment

Scientific advice and integrated customer support

Asan Tajhiz`s integrated team with medical professions


Direct connection to global resources

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